Barcelona vs Roma Soccer Prediction Today

Barca is larger than Rome (approximate trot values: 1.05 billion and 389 million euro). And La Liga is better than Series A (No. 1 and 3 on UEFA’s rankings).
The Catalan big club has been unbeaten since July (*) including superb lead in La Liga (12-2-0, 40-6, home) and clear group victory in the CL group game:
3/3 home win with goal score 8-1, including 3-0 over solid Juve. Also 3-0 home over Chelsea in the 1/8 final. Latest 25 CL home matches: 23-2-0.
Including 6-1 over Roma in the 2015 group game. 2 goals each of the attackers Messi and Suarez. Messi became the starting couple on Saturday (came in for 58 minutes and scored).
The turning midfield balance man Busquets is back after the foot injury that has kept him out since 14/3.
Romans are 1-1-2 away from home in this CL season, including 1-2 loss at Shakhtar in the 1/8 final. In fact, they have only won 1 of the last 14 CL league matches.
Roma who only got 1-1 in Bologna on Saturday, enjoys playing with a high backsack. If not waived, Messi, Suarez & Co. can be costly.
The weekends must, except during the weekend, have a nice spring with various goals. Doubt about midfielder Nainggolan.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Barcelona vs Roma

Roma is 4-1-0 (11-3) in the last 5 matches. Including nice 4-2 victory (March 3) in strong Naples.
In Saturday’s league match in Bologna, the big striker / top scorer Dzeko was saved from the start (came in 61 minutes and scored).
Roman CL scores do not impress, but in the autumn’s group game it was 1-1-1, including Qarabag’s victory and 3-3 at Chelsea.
The Romans have a strong box for boxing center and promote some quick wings in support of big Dzeko.
After five clean teams in a row, Barca scored 2 goals in Saturday’s league match in Sevilla (however, settled by late goals by Suarez and Messi).
Barca can be played. That made PSG and Juventus last spring with 4-0 and 3-0 (both died on their own grass).

Prediction Today: Barcelona

Odds: 1.25