Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern de Munique Betting Tips

Borussia Dortmund

With 24 points (Bordeaux Dortmund), Borussia Dortmund will enter the field on condition of the leader and leave first place regardless of the result. The That because it is the quadruple of the advantage of relatives and Borussia Monchenglabach and Bayern of Munich, which is the seconda placement.
This advantage was built with a devastating start to the season. Eat the direction of the Swiss technician Lucien Favre, on the occasion of the invasion of fifteen parties (of wins and five draws). She arrived late on Tuesday, November 6. About Dortmund was defeated, at Spain, by 2 and 0, at the Atletico Madrid, the game of the fourth round of the league of the Group Champions League of Europe.
About failure, however, changed little and the situation of the team in the tournament. As with nine points, the Alleme follow the lead of the A key. The Spaniard have the same score, but as they were defeated in Dortmund by 4-0 and the direct confrontation and first criterion of tiebreaker, only Borussia get the same number of points of Atletico in the final days to guarantee the first place of the group, will allow him to face eighth of finale and a team that was in second place in his key.
The match between Bayern, Favre and Abdou Diallo (which was held in German Championship in 2018/2019), and Marcel Schmelzer (five matches, here), which is a contingent in the context of the media department.
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Bayern de Munique

About Bayern de Munique has been compromised by the Liga dos Campeões da Europa in Quarter-Feira, Nov. 7. Em house derrotou a AEK, giving Greece, 0. A portion 2 of the sheet resultado para que a time sufficient to liderança isolada assumisse do atingir it is un grupo Pontus (Tres vitórias is empathy um) deixando an Ajax, com que a Benfica empatou , paragraphs 1 and 1, of Portugal, to the segunda posição com oito.
No Campeonato Alemão, on the previous resume, todavia, não foi o esperado. Também at the Allianz Arena, one of the passes to 1 and 1 in Augsburg. Interrompeu assim uma series que contava com quatro vitórias.
About Nico Kovac, who has been involved in the implementation of the Jogo project. By agreeing to noticing local impetus, alguns atletas do not have the policy of mudar escalações of constant form.
It is a duel against Dortmund, they are the rest of the media that escalar o time. (For the new parties), Kingsley Coman (um jogo, sem gol), Arjen Robben (oito jogos, três gols) and Corentin Tolisso (dois) yogos, naked).
On the Bundesliga, Bayern is a visit to the effective time. Ganhou 12 (quatro vitórias e uma derrota) is 15 pontos que disputou assinalando des gols e sofrendo quatro.

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There were three matches between the teams on the temporary passage Bayern won them all. In the German Championship, a time of Munich scored 3 to 1 (out) is a goleou by 6 to 0 (house). On the German Cup, the rival rival in Munich, and Phaser 2 and 1.As Adecco is in the midst of the defeat for the Atletico Madrid, Borussia makes a rather superior season and Bayern Munich. Aind not unbeaten in its domains Bundesliga (s victories a fourth empathy), the Dortmund prognosis of the success not the best serum option for looks to this Classico SAT.

Bet Tips: Bayern de Munique

Odds: 2.15