Botafogo vs Audax Italiano Soccer Prediction Today


After a long invincibility that had lasted since the conquest of his state, Botafogo returned to be defeated last weekend. Playing against the packed Cruzeiro as a visitor, he lost by the minimum score. Nothing that despairs.
This evening, he plays his fan again wanting to confirm the advantage obtained in the first leg to be in the second phase of South American. The Botafogo will get the classification until it is defeated by the minimum scoreboard. The house factor, where the team can still show strength, is an extra incentive to believe in the confirmation of the vacancy. However, the team knows they need to be more defensively resistant. tactically, has not got excited.
The coach Alberto Valentim will have the basis of the last games available.

Audax Italian

The complicated phase of the Italian Audax seems to have no end. The team does not know what winning is a long time ago. The weather in the club is quite heavy. In his national championship, he is just not in the dreaded relegation zone because of the tiebreaking criteria.
Audax have been defeated in four of their last six games. In addition to the annoyance of adverse outcomes, the fact that the offending party is failing to produce leaves hopes for far greater competitiveness. Audax did not score goals in four of their last six games. As a visitor, Audax have suffered five defeats in the last six games, it seems unlikely that the team will be able to react here.
The coach Juan José Ribera will not only have veteran Loco Abreu among his entourage. The same, due to judgment for an eventual punishment in his national championship, did not travel with the delegation.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Botafogo vs Audax Italiano

Despite not needing the victory, it is important for Botafogo to re-affirm after losing the invincibility last weekend. He will be able to exploit the weaknesses of the rival, who will still have to open up to achieve what seems to be very difficult. Taking the confrontation seriously, having more where to take it, with his fans playing with him, Botafogo should get the second victory in the confrontation here.

Prediction Today: Botafogo wins

Odds: 1.33