Chievo vs Inter Soccer Prediction Today

Chievo has had a heavy season. For years, they have barely strengthened their squad and they have also had a very high average age. Now the age begins to show its right and the quality of the squad has gone down. This has led to Chievo having a bad season and they are now involved in the battle. They usually be ready for the continued Series A game at this time. They have recovered a little lately and they have 1 win, 2 lost and 2 losses on their 5 last matches. It may not sound so good, but they have met good teams and I think that the result line is good. Chievo will have an incredibly important match against Spal tomorrow (Wednesday) and I think there will be a lot of energy spent there. At the time of writing, Chievo will not interfere with Inter, but this may change after the match against Spal. Chievo has 5-6-5 at home.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Chievo vs Inter

Inter won as against Cagliari. I think Inter shifted down in the second half when the victory was in port and they could save energy for the match this weekend. Unfortunately, Gagliardini was injured during the game and I do not see him going to be playable for the weekend, so he is out and he is very likely to miss the rest of the season. Inter, however, has a good replacement and hopefully Vecino can replace. In addition to Gagliardini, Inter has a full team against Chievo. It is full race on the Champions League venues and Inter will meet both Juventus and Lazio before the season is over, making the match against Chievo even more important to be able to create a head start for Rome and Lazio. Inter has 6-7-3 on the finish line. The shape of Inter is not super, 2 wins, 2 crosses and 1 losses. But the matches against Turin and Milan earned Inter more and I did not think the results reflected the match. The match in the autumn won Inter with the whole 5-0 against Chievo.
An Inter who has a better squad to handle tight matching and that gets a day’s extra rest to the match. In addition, Inter could slow down the pace of others, I think Chievo will have a very tough match against Spal and they will have heavier legs in the match against Inter. There should be a difference in class here and I think it’s very good chance that Inter wins here, hopefully they win with more than one ball!

Prediction Today: Inter -1.0 goals

Odds: 2.03