Colorado Rapids vs Seattle Sounders Today’s Soccer Prediction

Colorado Rapids

The Colorado Rapids have not been very successful in the MLS this season, being only in third place after 18 games and only 15 points away. Even a victory on Thursday would hardly bring a rank improvement, since currently only Minnesota is within reach. In a defeat, you could even slip back to the penultimate place. However: The shape curve seems to be correct in the team of Anthony Hudson. Two wins have been celebrated in the last two rounds, a “series” that has not been seen before this season. That with Minnesota (3: 2) a direct table neighbor was defeated, shows that one can retrieve his best achievements in key plays. It was also one of only 2 games in which Colorado scored more than 2 goals. Last Monday, they were also followed by a 1-0 victory against Vancouver, this was the first and so far only away win of the Rapids in this season. The fact that it was possible to increase significantly, especially offensively in recent weeks, is shown by the fact that in the last 3 games alone, no fewer than 6 goals were scored. For comparison: In the 8 games before, fewer goals were scored than in this short period. Accordingly, Colorado also seems to be good for one or the other hit on Thursday. Also, because, as I said, at least a third of all his home games could win 3 victories in 9 attempts and not lost his last two home games. In general, the fans may look forward to home-based matches of the Rapids on scores duels. In the last 6 home games of the latecomer a value of 2.5 goals was always exceeded. Especially since the home side have always scored at least 2 goals, the last series of 3 unbeaten duels has not changed anything. Personnel we see the Hudson Elf quite well placed, we are currently only the failures of Kortne Ford and Axel Sjoberg known, although probably both had been in the starting eleven. Dominique Badji should provide the necessary goals. The man from Senegal already holds 6 matches. The fact that in 5 of the last 6 home games against Seattle this value has always been exceeded, that one could definitely remember a bet on more than 2.5 goals. Nevertheless, this statistic is to doubt the current weakness – especially the Sounders. On the other hand, this is not necessarily a goal for the home side, because: In 9 games you have at least 17 hits marked and thus almost three times more than away.

Seattle Sounders

The latest results make Seattle Sounders appear underdog in duel with Colorado on Matchday 19. Because: While the opponent recently recorded two full successes, Seattle has been without matches for 3 games and has been able to win just one of the last 7 championship games. At the weekend they drew 2-3 against Portland Timbers at home, before Chicago (1-1) scored the only points win of the last rounds. They also lost 1-1 to the New York Red Bulls, their last win just over a month ago, beating DC United 2-1, making them a club even worse off than they were with a win next Thursday one even passes by the counterparty, in case of a defeat on the other hand threatens even the relapse to the table end, if San Jose celebrates a victory. However, one has also completed by 2 games less than the table last of the Western Conference. The recent duels with Colorado are certainly hope for an end to the series of games without a win: The last 4 clashes have the Sounders all decided for themselves, conceding only two goals. The last duel ended in October 2017 with a clear 3-0 win, the final away game in Colorad was also decided with 3: 1 for themselves. You can only dream of similar numbers in foreign countries during the current season. With only 7 entries succeeded in a single victory, in contrast, you had to accept 5 defeats. Especially in the offensive you are de facto non-existent, as soon as must be started abroad. Only 5 goals in 7 games mean one of the weakest scores in the entire MLS. Not for nothing are the Sounders currently one of the 4 weakest teams in terms of away balance. The last 3 appearances were all lost. At Seattle, we are currently seeing strengths in the game against the ball, but it is rarely possible to convert these ball profits into really dangerous actions. After all, even with the Sounders a slight increase in the conclusion was recognizable, but were two of 5 shots against Portland converted into countable, also showed in the game over the wings strong. On the other hand, one was susceptible to standards as well as fast counter-attacks. Bitter: For the duel with Colorado Jordan Morris, Stefan Frei and Lamar Neagle are likely to fail, in the latter two, there is still the soft hope of a mission. Gustav Svensson is still in the World Cup.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Colorado Rapids vs Seattle Sounders

Victory bets are of course always relatively high risk, yet we see the Colorado Rapids currently strong enough to survive in a home game against Seattle. We therefore expect a close success of the home side.

Prediction Today: Colorado Rapids wins

Odds: 3.06