Jaro vs HIFK Soccer Prediction Today’s


Reaching three points behind the leader, success is all the more important as it can climb the dam
Comes after a win, passing 1-0 by JJK Jyvaskyla, the penultimate in the standings, score thanks to which became the band with the most goals scored
On his own home he encountered problems, failing that in matches played this season to link two consecutive victories
The complex in front of the teams with pretensions exists, and it has appeared this season, when KPV and Ekenas took four of the six points in play


Ykkonen’s main favorite to win, she is still the leader, the goal being the only one that makes the difference between her and the team ranked second
It is the team that knows how to defend the best, so far it took less than one goal per match
Out of eight goals, six of them came to play in foreign games, where they suffered the two defeats so far
Form and morale are very good, in the previous two games to play at home, where he passed 2-0 by Haka and 3-0 by Oulu

Soccer Prediction of the Day Jaro vs HIFK

They often did not have the opportunity to meet six times, between 2015-2018 they had direct contact four times
Three times he managed to win HIFK, and another match ended in a draw
The most recent match in which they measured their strengths took place on May 14, when HIFK showed its supremacy, winning 2-1
Contrary to the fact that two of the best markers in Ykkonen meet, I expect the match to be a closed one
Three points difference between them, the pressure is on Jaro, the team that failed to beat HIFk in the four direct matches so far
The importance of victory could make the game as balanced as the odds Betano has shown

Prediction Today: Under 1.5 goals in the second half

Odds: 1.62