Mexico vs Sweden Today’s Soccer Prediction

Mexico – Sweden – In Group F, before the last round, all are still open and all four selections can win the finals, but not all in the same situation and the most advantageous is Mexico, which has won two wins and is in the first place, while Sweden once won and once lost.


The Mexicans are apparently in a great position as they practically did not get better in the first two chips, as they entered two triumphs, but they all got excited so it was not enough and they had to play this third duel with the maximum seriousness. The best job they made in the first round when they overcame Germany and thus traced the way to the finals, in one really great football show. They have taken full advantage of all the weaknesses of current world champions, scored one goal and kept their net intact, the truth with a little luck in the finish. They expected it to be much easier in the second round against J.Koree, but it was not that bad and they had to move well to overcome an unpleasant opponent with 2: 1.
They moved in the middle of the first half, and in the middle of the second half they doubled their lead, and only then could they be a little cheerful, although the opponent had their opportunities. The only goal was Mexico in the referee’s reward and so it was a bit disgusting, and in the end it could be very important that it ended 2: 1. It was not expected that Osorio’s selector after the triumph against Germany would change something in the game, but he still had a shot at Ayala on the bench and played Salcedo in that position while Alvarez jumped to his side. We are not expecting any change now, though Osorio may be surprised by some new name.
Alleged startup of Mexico: Ochoa – Alvarez, Salcedo, Moreno, Gallardo – Herrera – Guardado, Layun, Vela, Lozano – Chicharito


Sweden is one of the selection that is currently the biggest traitor on the Mundial, considering the way they lost the second round of the duel against Germany. In the first round they played against J.Koree and they were valid for big favorites, which justified playing in the field, though they only won with 1: 0 and the penalty shootout. However, they were a better team on the field and deserved a more lucrative victory, which could be decisive, but remained 1: 0 and followed the match against Germany. The current world champion was under tremendous pressure and made it difficult for the Swedes, but they were also aware that this duel could bring the eighth finals and in the first part they set up very well in the field and carried a nice goal of Toivonena.
They started to play badly and they immediately got naked, but afterwards they resisted and they seemed to have a rumble in their hands, which would bring them close to the eighth finals. Still, they did not withstand pressure and the goal was 2: 1 in the 5th minute of the referee’s substitution, when they had more players in the field, so the situation is now the most complicated, followed by a new heavy duel with a very good opponent. They should not lose them, and they probably will not even have enough, so it’s clear they have to look for a win. He returned to the German duel against Lindelof and this was good news, and was the only change in the composition, as Larsson was relieved and was ready for the show. We do not expect any change now because the team that played in the last round was the objective and the best that the Swedes had.
Assuming starlet of Sweden: Olsen – Lustig, Lindelof, Granqvist, Augustinsson – Larsson, Ekdal, Claesson, Forsberg – Berg, Toivonen

Soccer Prediction of the Day Mexico vs Sweden

For both selections it can be said that they played very well in the first two wagers, but none of them have secured the finals and it is very likely that one of these rivals will turn out. However, Mexico has shown something more and the point is enough for them to come, and Sweden will hardly triumph.

Prediction Today: Asian Handicap 0 Mexico

Odds: 1.72