Sweden vs South Korea Today’s Soccer Prediction

Sweden – South Korea – Sweden and South Korea are objectively the third and fourth selection in Group “F”, but the Swedes hope they can end up in one of the first two places and enter the eighth finals, while the Koreans are aware that They are outsiders, but they will surely give the maximum in each game. The Swedes eliminated Italy in the barrage, and this is an indication that they can be quite dangerous on this Mundial, although they played friendly matches, as well as J.Koreja, who continued with the continuation of the World Cup finals in Russia. The last two matches between these two teams played in 2005 and both friendly matches ended in a draw.


After they missed the previous two Mundials, the Swedes returned to the big stage and they did it in a way that they were one of the biggest tales of qualification, since they eliminated the football superpower in Italy in the bar and left them without placement at the World Cup. But not only the Italians remained without Mundial because of Sweden, but the same happened to the Dutch, who were in the same group with Sweden, where France won first place. Placement in Russia is even more successful for Swedes when it is known that they were made after the forgiveness of the best footballers of this selection over the past ten years, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
They showed that they could play well without him, and now they have a great desire to pass the group stage, after, for example, the previous two European championships eliminated before the knockout phase. Worryingly after great games against Italy, which failed to give them a goal, they played in friendly tours, so they were without a win in the previous four, with the first two losing to Chile and Romania for the first time, and then removing them with Denmark and Peru both times with 0: 0. In the aforementioned four games they scored only one goal and it is clear that their defense is a better part of the team. The handicap is the failure of the tie-breaker of Johannesburg, the hero of the match of the barrage, and the advantage may be that they are very experienced.
The likely starting lineup of Sweden: Olsen – Lustig, Granqvist, Lindelof, Augustinsson – Ekdal, Larsson, Claesson, Forsberg – Toivonen, Berg

South Korea

It’s nothing new when J.Corea is able to qualify for a Mundial, because this selection has succeeded every time since 1986, but did not play the qualifications for the 2002 SP since they were hosts along with Japan. On this Mundial they reached even semifinals, and this is their most successful success, and after that, mostly elimination after the group stage and one pass to the eighth finals. And now they hope for the eighth finals, but when they look at the rivals in the group, then it’s clear how hard it will be. However, what is certain when the Koreans are concerned, they will fight for the last second in each match and could therefore be an unpleasant opponent.
They did not really glisten in the qualifications, and only in the last round of the substitution with Uzbekistan secured placement in Russia, and even in friendly matches did not have good results. They won mostly weaker rivals, while they lost four times, and in the last four duels ahead of the Mundial they defeated Honduras, but lost to BiH, a selection that will not play in Russia and only rematch with Bolivia, while defeated in the latest check from Senegal with 2: 0. In this duel, they played in the best-of-breed team with the biggest star, Tottenham striker, Sonom, who will be the greatest trust in this show.
The likely initial composition of South Korea: S.G. Kim – Yong Lee, M.J. Kim, Y.G. Kim, J.H. Park – S.Y. Ki, Koo, S.W. Lee, Y.S Lee – Son, Hwang

Soccer Prediction of the Day Sweden vs South Korea

Both selections played quite poorly during the preparation period and, according to that, they are not in some particularly good form, and the biggest problem is realization. Nevertheless, the Swedes are a more experienced team and we expect to dominate this match and win, even at least.

Prediction Today: Sweden’s victory

Odds: 2.04