Bayer Leverkusen – Hertha BSC / Bundesliga – In the current season Hertha played in the European League, while Bayern has not played in European competitions. The team from Leverkusen excelled in both domestic competitions, while Hertha has declined on all fronts. They were eliminated from the Europa League, as well as from the Cup and in the championship they are in the middle of the table. Bayer has moved into the semi-finals of the Cup and occupy the excellent second table position in the championship, so they are likely to play in the Champions League. Hertha is in a series of four winless duels, while Bayer has not been defeated in four duels in a row. In the first part of the season Hertha won a 2-1 home victory against Bayer

Bayer Leverkusen
The quarter-final duel of the Cup, which Bayer has taken home against Werder on Tuesday, shows best how great the self-confidence of the “pharmacists” in the current season. After less than ten minutes their opponents were 2-0 in the lead, but they did not panic and have caught up first, after which they have managed in stoppage time with two goals and a 4-2 victory, the placement in the semi-finals.
In the last round of the championship they drew 0-0 away from Freiburg and this was the first duel in the current season in which they scored no goal. It has not accumulated the strongest lineup, which is why they may have been inefficient. But accumulated against Werder Brandt and has scored two goals, after he was granted a break in Freiburg. Bellarabi performed brilliantly after being sent off the bench, so he’s likely to be in the starting lineup now. Out of action L. Bender is injured.

Hertha BSC
Hertha has no obligations except in the championship, but this does not help this team to get good results, so they continue to win in the first four rounds of the second part of the season. A weak consolation is the fact that they have drawn three draws and have been defeated only once and that they concede few goals. But they score even fewer goals, so that international table positions are always further away. In two away matches they did not even score a goal in the second championship part and both duels in Berlin ended 1-1.
The opponents were not the easiest because they played against Borussia Dortmund and Hoffenheim. Away they played at the weak Stuttgart and Werder and still brought no wins. Even more worrying is the fact that they were completely overplayed by Werder and Hoffenheim, especially by Hoffenheim in the last round, when they were rescued by goalkeeper Kraft. After Bremen Torunarigha Lustenberger has represented on the position of the center-back, Darida has represented Maier and instead of the injured Duda Esswein has accumulated. However, that was of no great help and now we expect Weiser from the first minute, instead of indisposed Esswein, with Maier should return.

Bayer Leverkusen – Hertha BSC TIP
Bayer plays well in the current season and currently has a very good form of play. Thus, they should not put up with a bad start, as in the cup duel, this time. In this case, they have great chances of winning against the debilitated Hertha, as this team does not perform well at home even.
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