Benevento vs Udinese Soccer Prediction Today

Udinese kicked Oddo and replaced him with a new coach of Igor Tudor. Oddo started his career in Udinese with a real lift and they actually went well for a while. But then 11 (!) Straight losses came and Oddo got fired. In fact, I have never experienced such a crisis as it is now in Udinese during my lifetime. It’s usually a very well-managed club, but my theory is that because they bet more on Watford that they lost a little focus on Udinese. Now, Tudor comes in, I have not seen him as a coach. I sent off a tweet and asked how he was as a coach, got a response that it was a bad coach who played aggressive and offensive football. Now there was only one person who said this and it’s one thing to train Galatasaray and another thing to train Udinese. But no matter what Benevento is on the other side, then only one thing applies, three points. It is possible that Tudor intends to play compact and defensive football in the future, but against Benevento, I’m completely convinced he will play offensive and go for three points.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Benevento vs Udinese

Benevento has really gotten started now. They took an impressive win over Milan last time and it was actually their first away win in Series A. They play a very offensive football and I do not see why it would change this weekend. They attack with very many players and with a lot of energy and they usually get a lot of chances in their matches. The problem has often been the quality of the last third of this season.
Benevento unfortunately misses Diabate and Guilherme, they are good players, but they have managed without them too. Udinese lacks Jankto. Udinese has 11 straight losses, so 5 losses on their 5 most recent matches. Udinese has 5-1-11 on the finish line. Udinese has over 2.5 goals in 11/17 on the outskirts. Benevento has 2 wins, 1 cross and 2 losses on their 5 most recent matches. Benevento has over 2.5 goals in 13/17 at home.
It will be double rubbed here! I think this will be a target match here, both teams will go for the profit. Benevento is out of the league and, as said, said very offensive and unbalanced. Benevento is also in a nice shape and I think Udinese is too big favorites here. Udinese on the outskirts does not impress and they are in a very big crisis right now.

Prediction Today: two games

Odds: 2.10