Equidad vs Santa Fé Soccer Prediction Today

The Fairness

Thinking about classification is almost utopian. Despite having one game less, Equidad is seven points behind the qualifying zone, with twelve remaining in contention for themselves. Beyond the mathematical distance, there would still be many teams in the fight with you for the final waves. Your game table is not easy.
If the chances of qualifying are remote, the excitement should not be as sharp. The fact of facing a rival with the alternative formation, to be able to play in front of his fan, give him a little more chances, in theory. Equidad has done well its role as principal. If you can get your offensive side to act efficiently, playing with disposition, Equidad can get a good result here.
The coach Luis Fernando Suárez will have the basis of the last games available.

Santa Fe

The Santa Fe played last night and tied with Flamengo by Libertadores in 0x0. The team did not play well, but it continues with possibilities of classification in the main competition of the continent. Santa Fe drew all the games it played in this competition.
If the duel did not serve to give a little more confidence to the squad, the competitive regularity was kept growing. It was the team’s seventh straight game. If you can adjust tactically to stay safe and present a little more offensively, the holy Faith can be much stronger. The team will play with an alternate lineup here, but it was the only one to get victories for the Santa Fe in the last seven games. Whether it is with holders or reservations, it has been hard to beat the Santa Fe also away from home.
Coach Agustín Julio signaled that he will be climbing an entirely reserve team, just as he had done last weekend when he beat the Leones at home by 2 × 1.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Equidad vs Santa Fé

Sincerely? I quite suspect this house staff. However, in his home, playing against major teams, Equidad has shown some value. It is imagined that when facing an alternative team, Equidad can have a little more strength. To risk that the staff of the house, the leaps and bounds, will get some point, may have some value here.

Prediction Today: Equity or Draw

Odds: 1.50