Houston Dynamo vs Los Angeles FC Today’s Soccer Prediction

Houston Dynamo

Houston Dynamo is an underdog in this duel of the Eastern Conference. In the table you are indeed ranked 7 and has at least 21 points on the account, but the last results were not very convincing. Three defeats have been made in their last four games, with Kansas City narrowly defeating one of the conference’s top two teams last season. The last victory so far dates from 10th June 2018 and is thus already more than three weeks behind. After all, the last two full achievements in home games. In general, we see Houston – as well as many other teams of the MLS – very much dependent on the support of their own audience or the home atmosphere. 5 out of 6 wins this season were celebrated at home with the only exception being the 3-2 win over Chicago Fire. Offensively you can hardly blame Houston. Not only have you scored two goals against a strong opponent like Kansas, you have been allowed to celebrate a goal in 10 of MLS ‘last 11 matches. In fact, there were only 15 completed games in the past 3, in which Houston was not allowed to cheer at least once. The one or the other goal success also seems on Wednesday absolutely in the range of the possible. Also, because at a completed game less at home equal to 5 goals more than this was the case outside. 18 hits in 7 games are an absolutely strong value, so in terms of bet tip would probably offer a similar on more than 2.5 goals. What you should note, however: As much as you have 24 conceded in 15 games also has problems to be consistently stable, here read the numbers in home games significantly better. Exactly 50 percent of goals conceded abroad were collected at home. It’s not for nothing that Houston is the fourth-best home team in the history of all Western Conference teams, with only Dallas, Salt Lake City and Kansas being more successful in this regard. It will certainly be against the tables-3. Opportunities arise. However, one must not forget the associated personnel problems with which the home team will probably have to fight on Wednesday. Because: Three players are currently injured, in addition to the question Senderos and Rerrick, Machado and Fuenmajor are still on vacation after their World Cup inserts. After all, you could decide the last 4 home games all for themselves, also in these always scored at least 2 goals. In general, one belongs to those teams of the MLS, which work out with the most scoring opportunities per game.

Los Angeles FC

At Los Angeles, you can currently see exactly the opposite case of Houston in terms of current form and recent results. While Houston celebrated just one win in their last 4 games, Los Angeles has won three of their last 4 games, including their last 3 duels in a row. They kept San Jose 3: 4 in the upper hand, Columbus was defeated 2-0, against Philadelphia there was a clear 4-1 win last Sunday. So you are absolutely surfing the wave of success and are accordingly a favorite in the encounter next Thursday. It is certainly interesting to bet on a match for both teams, if you remember the numbers from Houston. Also L.A. could convince offensively this season almost completely. In the last 3 duels alone 10 hits were scored and thus almost a third of all the season’s goals that come so far. Overall, one holds at their 35, has unlike Houston only in a single game may not cheer. In each of the last 12 games (!) In a row, there has been at least one sense of achievement, a bet tip in the form of an over / under bet is also likely against this background. Only problem that we currently recognize in L. A. They have already conceded 4 defeats away from home and thus had to take all the failures of this season abroad. However, it is also a fact that there are already 5 victories in 9 away games. A goal-rich game promises also the goal statistic of the guests: 22 hits were already marked outwards and thus by 9 more than in home games, at the same time one had to accept also 4 times more goals than in the own stadium, holds thus with their 20. Total 42 scored and conceded goals in 9 games means an average of over 4 goals per game, which was admired for the fans, when Los Angeles went into a foreign land. The direct duel with Houston are so far still no information, meet these two teams on Wednesday but for the first time each other. In the team of ex-team boss Bob Bradley only Luis Lopez, Diego Ross and Quillan Roberts fail, and Vela, Urena and Gaber are not yet fit after the World Cup. In 7 of the last 8 away games of the LAFC, a score of 2.5 goals was exceeded, and in 6 of the last 7 away matches you have always scored at least 2 goals. At the moment, we see strengths at Los Angeles especially in terms of standards, and you’re one of the top-performing teams in the entire league. However, with Vela and Rossi, two of the Bradley Elf’s top three scorers on Thursday are almost certainly out.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Houston Dynamo vs Los Angeles FC

A game in which the fans could expect a real spectacle. Overall, we see Los Angeles, of course, slightly in the advantage, a winning bet would therefore also a good variant. Instead, we would recommend the following alternative: Both teams meet – yes.

Prediction Today: Houston Dynamo

Odds: 1.60