Kasimpasa – Istanbul Basaksehir – On the second day of the weekend, the strongest European league is active only by the Dutch and the Turks, so we decided to give you two of the most interesting matches of the 17th Turkish Superliga. Thus, in the first of their strength, two teams from the Istanbula suburb will be counted, with Kasimpasa currently taking 11th on the table and has 14 points less than the leading Basakhsar. Let us add that last year both of their finals were completed by winning the host.

That is why at the Kasimpase camp they believe that they can now come to a positive result, regardless of the fact that their rival is currently in a much better shape, with the addition of this city derby as the leaders of the Turkish Superliga. On the other hand, the Kasimpase team won only one point in the last three rounds, while in the period of sixteen of the national cup final they were defeated twice by the Boluspor.
Still, little encouragement for Coach coach was a much better performance of his choice in the final round of the Superliga, when the no-scoring goalkeepers at Genclerbirligi finally broke through the desperate series of four linked defeats. And as they had a row of three wins and a single row, Kasimpas is still in the middle of the table, with a solid five points over 18th Antalya. Let’s say that the only injured Rangel and Koita attackers do not compete for this duel with the Superliga leader.

Istanbul Basaksehir
For the Basaksehira team we have already said in the introduction that this approach to the Kasympas rally is being welcomed as Superliga leaders, although two chariots have suffered a minimum loss of 1: 0 at Sivasspor. Namely, they are in recent times knocked out of direct competitors in the top of the fight themselves, so at this point they have a point more than Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, while the current Besiktas champion takes only fourth place on the table and has three points less than Basakhesira.
Otherwise, Avci’s coaches after making this defeat from Sivasspor first routinely did the job in the sixth round of the Turkish Cup against the lower-league Kahramanmaraspora, so that at the weekend and in the championship they would come to a high 4: 1 home win over Antalya Bay. However, in this match, the yellow card was cut off by an experienced striker for Epurean, so he would miss this match with Kasimpas, just like the retired Chedjou and Korkmaz strikers and Elia striker.

Kasimpasa – Istanbul Basaksehir TIP
No matter what Basaksehir is currently in a much better shape than his rivals, we expect a completely open and mutually effective match on Sunday as the Kasimpase team already has a very good party in the duels of these two teams .