The dispute begins at 21:45 and takes place on The A1 Gasforce Stadium. A match is expected with at least 3 goals but I’m afraid it will not be the case because two teams are in the opposing poles in the standings and the hosts who are weaker will probably try to limit the score to laughs in front of the fans. I have chosen for the duel between Nuneaton Town and Harrogate Town a tip based on the final result and I have a great confidence that I will get out. In the following lines you will find both my arguable prognosis and more details and statistics about both bands.

Nuneaton Town
He has a weak season and is the last with 23 points after 24 stages.
He spends a modest time and lost 4 of the last 5 games.
And home was defeated in 4 of the 7 games so it goes bad enough.
The attack did quite well and is the 16th with 31 successes.
The defensive is down, it’s 17 and has collected 43 goals so far.

Harrogate Town
He is going well and he’s on 2 with 50 points after 24 rounds.
It is in an excellent form and has won 4 of the last 5 games.
He had 15 moves in the current season in all competitions and he was forced into 10 of them.
She is the band with the most effective offensive in this league and has 58 successes.
Defense is not a bad one, the 4th in the championship with 29 goals received.

Direct meetings
9 times they have surprised, Nuneaton is in a clear advantage.
She has 6 wins, and Harrogate has only 2 and one time she has finished.
In the last two confrontations, the only ones in 2017, both won once at home.
Harrogate has never set himself on Nuneaton’s land.
My tip for Nuneaton Town vs Harrogate Town
There is a big difference between the two teams in favor of the guests, who are 2, while their hosts are in the penultimate position, so the visiting team should not have any problems.
Harrogate has been involved in 15 tours this season in all competitions and 10 has won, which tells a lot about her strength on foreign ground.
Nuneaton is in a very weak form and in 4 of the last 5 games not only lost, but it did at 0, and if it does not even mark it now, it will definitely lose because it receives the best attack from the National League North.
The guests of this game could only go first with a victory and if the first-ranked Salford will lose to Darlington, and as the team looks lately, that is not excluded.