Örebro vs Kalmar Today’s Soccer Prediction

There are many who are prepared to agree when we find that both Örebro and Kalmar were a big question mark for the new season. Orebro had known a few months earlier with Alexander Axén, and considering that Axel Kjäll (former assistant in the club) was after all reckoned as head coach, it was not too strange that Örebro was difficult to place in front of Allsvenskan in 2018.
However, the Board proved quite right when they offered the job to Axel Kjäll. As long as it seems undeniably promising, and Örebro will be in front of round 10 – in a nice fifth place in the table. However, now they have the big test in front of them – with two straight defeats in the luggage, one should now try to return to the winning track.
And we assume it’s on Tuesday, we will be confirmed if Örebro goes against a strong season or not. The introduction was well known, and Örebro was still undefeated only until in round 8. Already in round 8 was noted a loss in the meeting against Hammarby (a doubtful ruling decided that meeting). And last time, they lost to Djurgården by 2-0. Therefore, Tuesday’s match is undeniably important – and it’s a three-point Örebro want to be noted for here. Are they successful?

Soccer Prediction of the Day Örebro vs Kalmar

Prior to the season, where Kalmar was thinking of fighting in the bottom of Allsvenskan, and possibly also securing a contract sometime at the end of the season. Kalmar has, however, surprised most of this year, and is thus in fourth place in the table – 5-1-3, 11-8. Therefore, the loss to Brommapojkarna came a bit surprisingly, and it remains to be seen whether Kalmar’s reaction to the defeat will be. It will be extremely interesting to see at least.
Home advantage benefits crucial?
To be noted for a defeat against Hammarby and Djurgården is not quite a shame, but it is worth once again to highlight the fact that Örebro led Hammarby. As you know, however, you got an early red card in that meeting, and of course it affected the expulsion outcome in that match. Örebro certainly had lost at least one draw result from Behrn Arena otherwise. After all, you were well in the game before the expulsion. And in the encounter with Djurgården, Johan Mårtensson, Kennedy Igboananike, and Brendan Hines-Ike were missing – three regular librarians after all. On Tuesday Kennedy and Brendan are back!
Kalmar fell on Grimsta IP at the same time, against a BP who had a meeting with Kalmar for six losses after eight rounds. And we are not so sure that Kalmar’s response to the loss is so good. We have been aware that Kalmar’s squad will not be enough for a top position – and so we are convinced that the team will drop slightly in the table in the future. The loss against BP may be the starting shot for such a period.
We also note that Örebro chases its fourth straight victory against Kalmar. Will it be three sticks?

Prediction Today: Örebro

Odds: 2,15