Portugal vs Morocco Today’s Soccer Prediction


Portugal can look forward to a successful start to the 2018 World Cup. For: The team of the European champion wrestled in the Iberian derby the rival from Spain a 3: 3-draw. It was one of the most exciting and varied games this tournament has ever had to offer. Because: Portugal took an early lead, then had to accept the compensation, then could again take the lead to equalize just before the game a residue. Outstanding man once again: Christiano Ronaldo. The Real superstar had been selected by us as the non-plus ultra in the Portuguese offensive even before the Spain game and once again confirmed this reputation. His fantastic free kick just before the end allowed the point win for his team. Once again, Ronaldo plays well and Portugal plays well. However, one should not be fooled by the numbers and facts of the Spain match. The fact is: Portugal’s goals come from a penalty, a direct free kick and thanks to a stumbling block from David de Gea, who otherwise is certainly not on the agenda. Fact is also: Against Morocco will certainly result in fewer spaces through which Ronaldo & Co can play their speed and momentum. It will therefore need creative solutions to crack the defense of the North Africans. Portugal showed great strength against Spain even at high balls, winning almost 60 percent of its aerial duels. Before a duel with Morocco certainly no bad omen. In addition, there was a tremendous efficiency, which has hardly ever turned on another team in this tournament. For: Within the entire 90 minutes handed the team of Fernando Santos 3 shots to achieve the same number of hits. At the same time, this only proves once again how dependent the Iberians are on their superstar. It’s quite possible that Riccardo Quaresma will get his chance from the start on Matchday 2. His strength in one against one could pay off against Morocco, as he made even against Spain after his substitution for a lot of business. Another advantage for Portugal: Compared to the next opponent you have a lot more experience in big tournaments, can also play freer after a successful start. Personally, you are of course better staffed than Morocco.


For many, even before Morocco’s game against Iran, there was talk of an endgame when it came to the chances of these two teams on the rise. Bitter: The team of Herve Renard lost this close to 0: 1. Even more bitter: In the end it was an own goal in injury time, which decided on victory and defeat, after a standard for Iran headed Aziz Bouhaddouz the ball into their own housing. The German legionnaire is usually used as a striker curiously, should hedge in the final minutes on the defensive. Nevertheless, it could be seen against Iran that Morocco certainly has qualities. For: Over the entire 90 minutes, the Renard team was actually the better team, but neglected to turn their chances into goals or to convert promising positions really into dangerous actions. Strengths we saw above all with Nordin Amrabat, which provided in the 3-4-3 system on the right for a lot of operation, even Schalke legionary Amine Harit was quite his role as an offensive bearer of hope. In the end, according to statistics, also 3 really good chance of the Moroccans to book, while Iran gave only a real shot at the opponent’s goal, the second, as I said in the context of the final game-winning goal. The North African team was particularly susceptible to standards, where Iran came up with no less than 6 final trials. These could be a problem against Portugal, too. Interesting: The only duel with Portugal Morocco could win 3: 1, the validity of the same is but wanting to end, since this meeting has been a long time ago. The fact that Morocco is capable of strong performances is shown by the following statistics: The defeat against Iran was the only one that the Renard protégés had to accept in the 2018 calendar year. These are also no less than 4 victories. The fact that it can be just as good for European teams is shown by the victories against Slovakia (2: 1) and World Cup starter Serbia (2: 1). The fact that Morocco has its strengths especially in the midfield, proved the duel with Iran, in addition to Harit also Hakim Zyiech repeatedly created danger, often the conclusion was sought from a distance. In addition to all problems with standards against the North Africans were always good for a hit in their own resting balls.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Portugal vs Morocco

For Morocco it should be very difficult. Above all, the own inexperience in big and important games we see against Portugal as a disadvantage, also is after the defeat in game one and a carefree appearance is no longer so easily possible. Accordingly, we assume that the rise for Morocco after Matchday 2 will no longer be possible.

Prediction Today: Portugal wins

Odds: 1.68