South Korea vs Germany Today’s Soccer Prediction

South Korea – Germany – The duel between the biggest outsider and the absolute favorite of the group is very important for both selections and the wins can take them to the eighth finals, with Korea not holding everything in their hands, and they will need to win Mexico as well The Germans with the victory of two goals difference certainly in the knockout stage. The Germans were a great lucky player, and the current situation is even better than the game they played in the first two wagers, while J.Korea was expected to be quite a fight and no one was able to break it completely in the first two wins, though they did not have any points .

South Korea

The Koreans have lost the matches of the first two rounds, but this selection has nothing to complain about, because they were expected to give their maximum in both matches and were not a slight rival to either Sweden or Mexico. With a little more luck they could win at least one rhom and this would have significantly improved the odds for placing the finals, though of course the toughest exam is just following. In addition to the two defeats, J. Koreja can win the eighth finals, with the result that they have to overcome Germany and bring the current world champions home, and this is still too much for this selection. It is also a bad thing that even no victory is guaranteed if Mexico does not overcome Sweden, so the Koreans are objectively far behind the eighth finals.
But that does not mean that this team and in this match of the last round will not give their maximum and until the last referee whistle to play the best they can. In the first round they played a lot of bad and did not win against Sweden to create opportunities so even one goal scored was enough to lose. Against Mexico, this seemed much better and they had their opportunities, but defensively they were not on the level and received two goals from the game. Only in refereeing is the best player of this selection, Son striker, who scored 2: 1 and that goal leaves hope. Selector Yong Shin was forced to replace left wing side for injury and played by M.W Kim, while Ju and Moon refreshments were on the line. Now there will probably be no new changes.
Wonderful Initial Composition of South Korea: H.W Cho – Y.Lee, H.S Jang, Y.G Kim, M.W Kim – S.J Ju, S.Y Ki – S.M Moon, J.S Lee, H.C Hwang – H.M Son


After two rounds, Germany has a good chance of being in the eighth finals, but the current world champions have literally shared the odds of eliminating Tadjul after the group stage. It turned out that the duel against Mexico in the first round was not just a bad day, although this could be concluded even after friendly matches ahead of their arrival in Russia. Neither against Sweden in the second round it was not at the level of the best selection on FIFA rankings, though they dominated and created opportunities at the very beginning. The panic came when they got naked and with those 0: 1 they went on holiday. They made it straightforward at the start of the second half and they made it a little easier because they had enough time to win, but this was only in the last seconds of the court’s time off with the beautiful Kroos goal.
If left unresolved, they would now have to win and wait for Sweden to lose out of Mexico, and with this win, say two goals of difference, they certainly pass the finals. It can be comforting that against Sweden, however, played a little better than against Mexico, and Low’s choice for Rudgera instead of Hummels on the sidelines. Rudy was replaced by Khedira, but he had to swiftly defeat the injury. J.Hector also came back to the left, and now he can not play J.Boateng, who has received a red card against Sweden while Rudy is questioned. The Hummels is likely to return, and Gundogan could jump. Maybe even play M.Gomez instead of Draxler, to be more offensive.
Neuro – Kimmich, Hummels, Rudiger, J.Hector – Gundogan, T.Kroos – T.Muller, Reus, Draxler (M.Gomez) – Ti.Werner

Soccer Prediction of the Day South Korea vs Germany

The Koreans proved to be a solid rival not easy to beat and win, but now they are playing against Germany, who has spent all the bad credit games and we are now expecting to see them in the right edition, which will lead to a more winning victory.

Prediction Today: Asian Handicap -1.5 Germany

Odds: 1.60