We still believe in Iran and its qualities – Venezuela is going to be worse in Monday’s meeting.

We were in Iran in a previous post this week, before the meeting with Panama. The gaming companies then paid around 2.10 x the dough for an Iran victory, an odds we called and that in turn went profit. Ghoddos also scored for a goal in that match.

Iran is known for the World Cup, for the second consecutive year and has a very interesting team – and also a very good football coach in Carlos Queiroz. He has been a coach since 2009 and has proven a really strong job in the national team. Iran is a freaking soccer team in Asia, and when you go to Venezuela in Holland on Monday evening – we believe in another good initiative of Iran.

Carlos Queiroz has a finished idea, and is now only interested in flapping all the games in the game. It can be a game with the strongest possible starting tent, and so make up the team with more minutes together. Every opportunity has to be taken forward in view of the fact that the landslide stays are not many.

How is the football in Venezuela then? We can see that it measures significantly better. In the South American qualifier, the last one ended with only two wins on the account. One defeated Paraguay in the last game, and he also defeated Bolivia at home. In total, there were thus only 12 points in the group play and the result line; 2-6-10, 19-35. Not all for impressive numbers.

Iran wins:

Iran has come a lot longer in the team’s work and is now a complete project with a clear idea. You are incredibly playful and half of the squad consists of players playing in Europe, in clubs like Heerenveen, Östersund, Olympiakos, AZ, Amkar Perm and Akhmat Grozny. It must not be the very best clubs, but you are a joint team and is currently one of the best teams in Asia.

Venezuela also has major problems in the team at the same time and apparently does not get it. In the last 20 years, you have belonged to the bottom layer of the South American qualifier. It says a lot about the ability to educate players in the country.

We insist that Iran continues on the congested road and picks a new three-point champion. The match is played as saying on a neutral plane, and Iran played against Panama in Austria, and has therefore found itself in the immediate area all the time. There should therefore not be a risk of being worn due to a longer journey.