This Sunday, May 10, 2020, Vitebsk receives Chakhtior Soligorsk during a match of the 8th day of the Belarusian championship.
The match will take place at Stadyen Central’ny Vitsyebski in Vitebsk and the match will kick off at 15:00 (French time).
In the ranking, Vitebsk is 8th with 10 points scored and Chakhtior Soligorsk is installed in 6th place with 11 units.
During the previous day, Vitebsk was defeated at home by Slaviya and Chakhtior Soligorsk won at home against Isloch.

▪️In the past, the two teams have faced each other 43 times since 1997: 7 wins by Vitebsk, 9 draws and 27 successes by Chakhtior Soligorsk.
▪️The last game between the two clubs saw Chakhtior Soligorsk win 4-0 on September 21, 2019.
▪️There have been no ties between the two clubs in the past 10 games.
▪️Chakhtior Soligorsk is the only team in the Belarusian championship that has not conceded any away goals since the start of the season.
▪️Vitebsk conceded 5 goals in their last 2 league games.

Football Prediction of the Day FC Vitebsk vs Chakhtior Soligorsk

Last weekend, Chakhtior Soligorsk won their third straight game following their home win over Isloch.
This success allows the Soligorsk club to jump 5 ranks in the classification and thus goes from 11th to 6th place.
For its next match, the Chakhtior has the opportunity to bring a good result away by facing the club Vitebsk which remains on 2 defeats in a row.
For our prognosis, we are betting on a victory for Chakhtior Soligorsk.

Bet Tips: Chakhtior Soligorsk

Odds: 1.72